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  • Pete! I used the tambo with the DownBeat Pedal all summer on my solo acoustic tour with Jack Johnson. It was a great addition to my rig and my feets sounded like a freight train running! It really added to my show and I can't thank you enough....

    G. Love 
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Your Deluxe Foot Drum is a true piece of art that will inspire you to play in way you never thought of before.  I don't think I've ever had more fun playing a musical instrument as I've had playing these Foot Drums.

    JJ Grey and Mofro
    Florida, US
  • The sound of the Stomp Bass Drum and the DownBeat tambourine pedal are a huge upgrade to what I've been playing.  I believe this new combo is going to take me to a whole other level.  It's certainly going to make my one-man act more user friendly with a nice steady "THUMP". The equipment is a work of art.  

    Adam Gussow: Satan and Adam
    Oxford Mississippi, USA